NBA 2k14

2k has done an spectacular job in improving the "My Player" game mode each year.


It is believed that my direct email to 2k is the reason why were able to select which brand (jordan or Nike) we perfer to be endorsed by in 2k13 *shrugs ANYTHING TO IMPROVE ONE OFTHE BEST GAMES CREATED


2k13 has set the bar so high, that it would be nearly Impossible to ask for more.......WRONG


the MORE you show us, the more we as fans WANT!!! its just like a woman in relationships, now aint i right fellas? lol


Dear 2k, the way my player can be improved is by


1. If i am drafted as a lottery pick...DONT HAVE ME COMING OFF THE BENCH.. make me a starter


2. I STOLE THIS IDEA, BUT I LOVE IT..... After the game or a full week passes RECAP WHAT WENT DOWN by creating a 2k sports center with commentary raving about how great or poor your my player played


3.BACK TO MY IDEAS......make superstardom more exciting. if i'm a 2 time mvp, won a NBA FINAL etc atleast have nba players and fans wearing my signature sneakers. Have fans wearing my jersey or atleast have them holding up signs with my name on it


4. if i won a MVP or carried my team to the finals..there should be no reason why offseason should be so horrible come contract time. That team should not offer me the same comtract that another team would.. better yet i should be able to be captain


5. There should be a Round 2 to the draft. LETS SAY i drop 2pts in the rookie showcase, I SHOULD NOT be able to be drafted the first round.


6. Theres NEVER a such thing as having too many endorements, we should have more, more and more lol... i love winning things


7. addidas should be added to the edorsements also.


8. THIS IS MY LAST ONE. there should be a 2k College game.. Where we can build our player from the ground up and have him imported to nba 2k.....of course buying that game shouldnt be a requirement but it should definitely be an option cause i know a corny gamer 'like myself' will buy it. plus it can play a part in the rookie showcase becuase there can be hype around the my player.

*Hint Hint you will make alot of money and cater to the fans at the same time.....THINK $$$$$$$


I love you fellow gamers, stay real and stay gaming!!

Im Out @Rydathasurgeon


ps. Stupendous job NBA 2k for improving an already great job


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