NBA 2k13 " My Player " New Offseason

Seeing as how " My Player " is a single player mode and PLAYERS usually WORK on their game during the offseason, why not give us the option to train at " ATTACK " gym or at " Impact " gym and have us do the things players actually do when the season wraps up. We're not GM's so " My Player " mode should have a totally different offseason from " Association " mode. We should be able to hook up with our trainer (team or personal), give the media access to us by having them present at a few workouts and have them ask us questions about the upcoming season, give the fans of our " My Player " the opportunity to view some of the highlights from the workout on or in wake of the new season to build anticipation, have us attend team meetings, receive daily/weekly recaps of our progress and give us the ability to play pick-up or workout with other NBA guys leading up to the next season and for god sake would you people please add the preseason. You guys already had " ATTACK " in the previous titles along with some of the most famous playground courts so nothing is out of the realm of possibility given a valid effort on 2k's behalf of course. Another area that needs attention is the practice facility. Teams should have a full gym with their logo's on everything in the NBA why does the gym we practice in look like an alternate storage/2nd gym for a high school instead of a top of the line NBA facility? This vid of Rondo putting in work is what the user wants to replicate in 2k over the course of a season as well as during the offseason. Nothing but work on and off the court, no more simming through a screen hoping my game doesn't freeze up waiting to do the same thing all over again. Let us put in some work during the summer 2k! there should be no downtime in this mode it's just TOO much to do from a progression standpoint to just have users sim through to the next season.



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