NBA 2K22 Wishlist

NBA 2K22 Needed Features

Make The MyNBA Social Media Look More Realistic

Give Us The Option to add mouthpieces to players

Add Fan Whiteout Night To MyNBA and Play Now

Get rid of nicknames when creating a player in the create a player (not my career)

Add more hairstyles for create a player

Add Back Inside The NBA PreGame Show And Post Game Show

Add more player stats from recent games to the MyNBA bottom headlines ticker

Bring Back Player Face Protectors

Add A Better Game Day Experience And Playoff Experience To My NBA and Play Now

Add In Game And Season Momentum To My NBA And Play Now

Add Hometeam Signature Environments To Play Now and MyNBA

Keep newly raised championship banners in the rafters throughout nba seasons in MyNBA

Change The Scoreboard box color for each team depending on the color of the uniform(Used In TNT Broadcast)

Add Headline Ticker During Games

Add Different Broadcast Packages

Add Realistic Fan Seating Locations similar to real life

Allow Fans To Also Wear Player Jersey's

Bring Back Rally Towels

Give Created Players Their Own Voice

Make Injures Look More Realistic

Have Announcers Say Created Players Full Name Not Just Their Last Name

Make The ScoreBoard Look More Realistic

Show Outside of The Stadium During Games

Make The Halftime Show Longer Have More Stats And Dialogue And Scores Around The League And League Headlines)

Make Player Halftime And Postgame Interviews Longer

Add More Beard And HairStyles

Allow Us To Edit NBA Players Appearance

Add All Star Game MVP To MyNBA

Make Facial HairLook Standup on players faces look standup more


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