NBA 2K17 Mycareer wishlist (The Best Ideas)

I'm backkkkkKkk! Hello 2k world it's me!! For those who are not familiar with my posts, I am the man with the great ideas... within this post I will give 2k a few great ideas for NBA 2K17 let's get started




if you're going to do something like the spike Lee story, then let the gamer make his own decisions. (Who I want to sign as a agent, who I want to defriend etc)

- I think you should be able to choose your players voice

-also give me the ability to choose my background.. Everyone can't say theyre from the hood, what about those from the burbs or those who live middleclass

Give gamers that option to choose




- Bring back the ability to talk to the GM in mycareer... I don't know why they would take that out... I want to be able to tell the GM who I think needs to be traded, who I think needs to be signed.. Give me control, if I'm a franchise player then I need that ability... I'm not saying that I should be a rookie or a player in his 3rd year with that kind of authority...but cmon


- I think it's time to see money I just got a contract for 75 million, I want to see that number, not 645 vc


- let's differentiate Money and VC! I should be able to spend that 75 million on clothes, sneakers, jewelry, cars, houses etc AND spend vc points on making my player better... lets keep the vc concept (earn vc by practicing, the way you play in games etc) but earn money by endorsements, contracts, bonuses etc.


- I want to be able to SHOOT AFTER THE WHISTLE... idk why lol its just fun, not that the score will count but it's just entertaining


- I want to be able to get a tech...lets forget about fighting because theres not much fighting in the game plus this isn't mma .. But let's say the ref makes a bad call, sometimes I want to show my frustration which could lead to an ejection... and then fines or suspensions


- okay so now you're able to FLOP in the game, now make players pay a fine if they choose to use that method



- I hate the fact that I can't practice without playing... just because I sim a game, doesn't mean I don't want to practice..give me that choice


- I don't like the practice or complete a endorsement concept. If I'm a superstar then endorsements should be automatic ( maybe to earn extra money I can show up to an endorsement event, but I think GETTING the endorsement should be automatic)


- I wish I could have a one on one practice with a teammate. We just used our number one pick to draft a player now I want him to develop with me.... We should be able to practice together which should affect our chemistry and allow me to earn a MENTOR BADGE




- If I win a championship, I don't just want to see that banner ONCE (the banner rising presentation) I want to see it a few times through the season.. Every year I win I want to see them side by side



-treat the draft players like real players, commentary should talk about them too, how they're struggling, how they're overacheiving... hell maybe they just won a mvp award, praise them for that


- commentary should talk about how me and my new teammate mesh good together, or maybe we don't


- If I'm a franchise player I want to be able to see who my team plans on drafting or who they're looking at


- I want the draft to make sense, my team had 4 PF and one was just drafted the prior year at number 3 in the draft.. There's no reason why my team is drafting ANOTHER PF in the next year, damn let me help one of the PF we have, develop!



- I think calling and attempting alley oops were sorta difficult in 2k16 It sucks that I haven't performed one yet lol


- I love how in 2k14 or 15... you actually created your players shot... (his form, release etc)



- expand the all star weekend give us the skills challenge, h-o-r-s-e, etc



- I want to be able to coordinate my trophy case. I want all my mvp trophies together, then my defensive player of year awards together etc


- I want be able to zoom into my trophies. I want to see my name on the trophies and be able to see which year I won them


- i want to be able to organize my awards. I also hate the fact that you can't fill a wall up with awards, I'm in my 8th season I won a ton of awards, CURRENTLY the awards just overlap themselves they don't expand




- I hate the empty sneaker shelf, I just signed a sneaker deal with NIKE....automatically they should have sent me a shipment full of their producy...there's no reason why my shelf should be empty


- I love the sneaker deals, I just wish the sneakers looked more real.. Make the laces look more realistic and give me the ability to add a strap ( like the lebrons and some jordans)


- let me actually SIGN a sneaker deal... let me negotiate my price (again money not vc) I want that harden deal 200 mill


- I think the sneaker endorsements should be expanded... I want to see how many sneakers I sold, I want to see my teammates, fans or other players wearing my kicks




- I absolutely LOVE the high school and college games, I just wish that they were LONGER but I understand why they aren't ( realistically high-school games are low scored) okay just give me more games to play in college


- let the high school and college games MEAN SOMETHING! The way you play in high school and college will DETERMINE how you play in the NBA ( pass first, scorer, all around)


- if I'm projected to be the number one pick, have analysis talk about me



- I want to see the come up forreal!!


as your stardom rises YOU BUY A CONDO.....

once youre a superstar YOU BUY A MANSION...


This is where that money gets involved!! You buy what your money affords!!


Once you get a mansion then you can build your own court ( like in 2k16) the meantime if you want to work on your jumper or dunks then you should have to go to the GYM... but you should have to earn that Court at your house


- also if I invite a friend to come PLAY ON MY COURT then I want them to be able to see what my court looks like (all my trophies, awards, jerseys etc)


- open up the house!! Meaning, allow me to walk around and explore..allow me to have a TROPHY ROOM, ARCADE room, FURNITURE, a basketball court, awards on the wall, legend jerseys hanging up, magazines (that I earn through endorsements) sitting on a coffee table...



-BELEIVE IT OR NOT but there are players like myself that actually enjoy playing 2k therefore I think you all should be looking towards the gamer not only having excitement in the first 4 seasons but also after..what about season 6,8,10 etc


I THINK You should look into giving gamers the ability to import their player...personally Im tired of having to create a new player every year... you may need to have game play for rookies... and game play for veterans... that may take a lot of work but aim for that for 2020 lol


Overall great job 2k, you all have done an awesome job creating a game that everyone can enjoy now let's make nba 2k17 the best game in history


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