Myplayer improvements

For my player there should be a some things that you should be able to change to improve it. 1. You should be able to replace NBA teams with created teams. 2. Be able to put in your own draft class. 3. Add other people's my players into your yours. 4. Be able to play for your national team. 5. Make press conferences have more of an effect and have some after game questions in the locker room. 6. If you are a rookie or playing alongside better players you shouldn't be asked questions like you are the star player of your team. 7. Stats should be used to determine your trade value and

importance to the team. 8. Drill are almost pointless and if you complete a drill it should use the old system where if you complete a shooting drill you improve in shooting. 9. You get about the same amount of V.C from playing a bad my player game them if you do a 1 on 1 with LeBron vs D.J Mbena. This shouldn't happen. 10. Have team meetings to talk to your team mates like you talk to your G.M's, or if you can't get the voices for the players then text them. 11. make donating to charity or do an team chemistry event more rewarding. show you and your team mates playing 2k13 or you in an ad for NBA Cares. This is all off court things and while the gameplay could improve as well this would make the off court experience even better.


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