My player

On nba 2k13 My player should bee more than 2k12. We need to start my player in college in the championship pick your favorite school.Pick our own voice ,and own suites when we are talking to the press and when you are arriving to the game listening to music with your team logo on your earphones. Showing us in the locker room putting on our uniform the real locker rooms.Then show us warming up, let us control us warm up about for 2 minute you can skip it if you like. Stop letting centers, and powerforwards keeping up with us we fly past them.Let nba player do what they would do in real life. The blocks from 2k12 You let anybody beat the ball anytime but some of them be fouls. Let your player have signature move to.And when we pratice let be real running plays just like nba live 10. Let us lift weights, go running, talk to our agents about a trade. Put the adidas sign own the uniform let us type out tatoos. Ilike what you guys did when put nikeid on the game. Let us design everyone shoes for an example jordans, adidas we can't make shoe like they are in real life. Please inprove this game make want keep playing an don't wont to get off. Like peolpe at work, or at school make then eager to get home and play the game.One more thing please give us alot of endorsments.Let us be sponsored by adidas,rbk,jordan,converse,and nike.



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