My Career Improvements

1. There should be multiple storylines that you can choose to play from. One could be that a top 10 prospect that has a lot of pressure to succeed. Another could be you are from a small college but are generally getting more noticed before the draft. A third could be that you play in Europe hoping to make it big in the NBA.


2. Before your draft it would be really fun to play in the NCAA march madness. How you play in the madness will affect your draft stock and it could lead to a spot in the Rookie Showcase


3. Please let us choose from more than one default voice. A 5'6 white man shouldn't sound black.


4. It would be fun to have a sidekick. You could create him and he would be drafted to your team. Maybe they could have some cutscenes where he gets injured and show your emotions to it.


5. Don't make it all about the rival who isn't close to being as good as you. Maybe as you start making a name for yourself in the NBA you develop actual rivals like Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant. I am fine with having a rival it is just that he should be close to your skill level.


6. Your coaches and teammates should have voices two not just lines of script.


7. Maybe youn could make something like Sportscenter's top ten plays after playing a week in the NBA.


8. Bring back practice mode to practice with your teammates and work on dribble moves or your jumpshot.


9. Fix the attribute caps- I get that you sholuldn't be able to get a 99 rating in something that isn't your style of play- for example, a defensive center having a 99 three point rating. However, a 3pt specialist should be able to have a 99 three instead of 92- especially if his post fadeaway cap is 95. Why is his post fadeaway higher than his 3pt if three pointers are his specialty?


10. Fix the animations like when you are trying to pass to a teammate and you get shoved but by that time when you pass to him he is covered and you get a turnover.


11. If you play badly in the NBA you should get sent to the D league until you get called up.


12. You should be able to respond to messages on social media maybe you could have a choice of four possible responses maybe one of them could be to challenge the other person and if the other player doesn't meet your challenge then you get vc but if he does then you lose vc just like the social media challenges he is already giving you.


13. Fix the dynamic goals- if my player is a defensive center I shouldn't be given the goal to score 10 straight points especially if my teammates aren't passing me the ball.


14. Fix the shot tendencies- if your teammate is open for a three pointer he shouldn't hesitate for 5 seconds until the defense is there - if they are open they should shoot. If Stephen Curry gets the ball open on a three pointer he should shoot it 99 percent of the time. Related to this you should have a button to make your teammates shoot.


15. Similiar to the storyline we should have new cutscenes with new endorsements we shouldn't have repeat cutscenes.


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