My Appearance

When creating our MyPlayer, users should be able to chose body types.


1. Head type - The head should be able to be customized. Back of skull should have a protrusion modifier and should be able to make a more rounder type skull instead of the default flat head on 2k17.

2. Neck Type - Users should be able to adjust the width of the neck and angle of the atoms apple.

3. Arm Type - Users should be able to select a bulky type arm(Lebron James), slinder type arm (Kevin Durant), Flabby Type arm (Heavy set guys) , and of course the default.

4. Leg Type - Users show be able to select wether player is bow-legged, straight-legged, or pigeon towed.

5. Body matching weight - A 7'0" 200lb player should not look exactly like a 7'0" 350lb player. You should be able to tell the difference between Shaq type Build and a Javele McGee type build.


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Idea No. 1912