Multiplayer online co-op association vs CPU

A lot of people in the community ask for this all the time. I was a Manager at GameStop for 3 years and have heard many thoughts and have been asked many questions about 2K Basketball. (college hoops being one of my favorite) With that being said, it would be VERY nice if my friends and I could team up in association/franchise mode and play against CPU. Only way we were doing this prior was going to each other’s houses, Overtime people move away or someone is too busy to come and visit (etc). A simple way to fix this is online association team up or just start a association and have your friends join(via online) in 2-5 players with picking favored positions before the game starts. This will create replay value, teach new players how to work as a team, and fulfill the wishes of many thousands of people that just want to play together and have fun without waiting in queue for the other team(real people) to show up or quit once things get started. This would be the only game my friends and I play all year long if I could create a roster with myself and friends on it and take that into a 5-20 year (in game) season. If only 3 friends are available roll with 3 or if you wanted to solo game 2 of the playoffs because your friends are on vacation, go for it. There are so many of fun combinations you could put together…example: Settings (AI CPU, Game speed, reach in fouls turned down a bit, etc) how you like them, Superstar difficulty, Rating cap 80-85 overall rookie season, 2 friends celebrating with your latest win that guaranteed their spot in the NBA playoffs, and looking forward to the off season because of that new rookie they are about to sign that everyone agreed would be a great addition to the team.


So to put it simply. Please add co-op online team up so 2-5 (even 2 players would be a great start) friends can play together against cpu through a complete franchise/association. Add a player (or 5) before the game starts with their position picked (player lock). Thank you


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