MY Player Ideas

I love the 2k series of games and they get better each year. Here are my suggestions to enhance the My Player feature for 2k13:


1. The user should be able to select a swag for their player, including his choice of clothing, voice, and appearance before and after the game.


2. There should be other suit options. One endorsement was the Style Magazine but he still had on the same brown suit. I think that should be changed.


3.More endorsements!! You get through all of your endorsements by the end of year 2 of your career, there should be more.


4. The game takes a long time to load, there should be a smaller wait time before you actually start playing.


5. In the game, the player should be able to throw alleys to himself off of the backboard on a fastbreak.


6. There should be better control of passing in the game, different buttons should suggest a different pass.


7. Why is is a foul when the opposing player gets backcourt? I don't understand that.


8. In the My purchases menu, there should be more dunks and shots available and you should be able to purchase a specific NBA players crossover.


9. Extra skill points should be used. They could go towards more clothes, jewelry, cars, or celebrations for before/after a game.


10. Game celebrations should be available, as well as, celebrations after you make a shot. For example, the blowing of the guns that Westbrook does after making a 3.



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