This is all from the 2012playoffs them vs the Lakers.. Do u see how he has his own celebration after he make a 3? Give us the option to celebrate!! Do u see how the fans react to his dunks? I'd like to feel the fans energy and hype!! Do u see how he reacted when World Peace(Artest) try to knee him on the floor? He got up ready to go after him. I'd like to have fight break ups nd show i'm not afraid of anyone!! Do u see how his teammates made shots and got in the game? I'd like to have my teammates make some damn shots and stop being very inconsistent!! Do u see how the announcers/commentators react when he does a crazy cool play? Like that layup he did in the last game vs the Lakers 4th quarter. I'd like to have them like that and keep talking about the amazing play i did even after its over!! My player can beu so coolu man....JUST LOOK AT RUSSELL WESTBROOK



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