Improving Blacktop for NBA 2k14

Over the years since 2k2 I feel like Blacktop has been lacking alot of features that most players would love to see in this game mode for instance:


More Variety of streeball courts and addition of Rec centers.

- I remember on 2k2 they featured many streetball courts and rec centers to play on such as venice beach, mosswood, and fonde rec center. I know on 2k13 they give us Rucker Park, and some rooftop court but these alone aren't enough. I feel like the more courts the feature in the game wether their rea or fictional courts the better blacktop experience.


Improving My Player Blacktop Gameplay

-First thing first we need to put an end to the jump shot cheese. Its crazy how anyone can make fadeaway three or highly contested threes all the time.


- The ability to play one on one two on two half court, or five on five full court etc you see what I getting here. 3 on 3 is fun don't get me wrong but still we should have more options available to us.


-I want to be able to block dunks and lay-up, Why is it so impossible to block a dunk or lay-ups. It it so frustrating trying to block someone who's been attacking inside the whole game, especially when ur getting banged on all the time, its like why even bother pressing the Y or triangle button if I know what the result is going to be.


NBA pickup Online games

I don't know why 2k took off online blacktop pickup games. Being able to pick anybody on your team in classic game of 21 is definitely a no brainer. BTW 2k why do I have to unlock superstars with vc when playing offline pick up games, now that is just completely wrong.


Off season Summer circuit

Now we all know during the off season most nba players hold games or create league for their charities. it would be crazy if we could play a summer circuit league started by me or my friends and compete but in this mode you will only play on streetball courts and rec centers like in 2k2 since 2k2 had the summer circuit mode






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