Improved team defense control

There must be a glitch in the game currently because when I set my defensive settings (double team: never, on-ball pressure: tight, off-ball pressure: deny ball, etc...) I always check back in a minute or two and it has automatically changed and often times when I notice the other team going on a huge run, I'll look at my defensive settings and they have automatically changed to sag off, or moderate. This is very frustrating!!! Along the same lines, I would like to see the computer offense react accordingly to my defensive settings. For example, if I decide to have my defender deny the ball to an offensive player, I would expect to see that offensive player get by my guy on a few back cuts, and my defense would then need to rotate appropriately with the risk of giving up an open shot while my ball denying defender tried to recover. Bottom line is, I want my defensive settings to stay how I set them, and I want the offense to respond to those settings appropriately.



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