Hear Me Out for 2k21 or 2k22

Most people play MyCareer and wanted to be a basketball player growing up.

1) Make it more realistic. For example, some of your comments during interviews or during games (fouling their best players/talking trash/celebrating) should dictate how many all star votes you get or how willing the team is to trade for you, sign you to an extension, or even play you. Bad shots gets you benched.

2) Team chemistry. I get that we can invite players over but let us have more freedom in the locker room or before games. Let us be able to walk around and joke with teammates. Create the ultimate vibe. That should translate to how chemistry on the court and rotation.

3) In honor of Kobe Bryant and how much time he spent in the gym, let us be rewarded for the amount of time in the gym getting better. That should help with your team leadership role and how well players are willing to listen to you. But with that, too much time in the gym could injure your player.

4) Incorporate some college teams. Real college teams. Not sure how hard that is but it would be dope. And not just the playoffs, but an actual season. What you do in the season dictates your draft stock. (Attitude, understanding the game, leadership potential, etc.) Just a 10 game season then March madness. Anyone and everyone that plays sports games would pay a fortune for some college action again.

5) Earn Respect from the veterans in the game. For example, if you play against the Lakers and have a 30,10,10 or better game, you quickly earn respect from someone on the bench, but you start to get respect from players like LeBron and AD. Which improves your likeness from that fanbase. After a couple of seasons, you're now GIVING respect to other players. Especially rookies that come in. Also, have rivals. It increases the competition and you get their best everytime you play their team. They trash talk you all game. Consecutive misses means their getting in your head.

6) Let the travel actually fatigue your player. Have periods where you're injured. Not going to the gym increases your chances of getting injured and even drops your ratings. That way it makes users actually go to the gym. Also show club scenes to celebrate after a big win, like the playoffs or a number 1 seeded team. Have consequences. If you go to the club with your teammates, you're fatigued and not playing your best but your popularity with that fan base grows. If you choose not to go out, eventually it can slowly hurt your chemistry with teammates. I'm just saying make it more than a game.

7) Take it a bit further with the WNBA. My wife plays 2K as well and she would love to play as a woman on there. Have a career mode for the women. It also helps us men get to know more about the WNBA and growing that fanbase. Also imagine a male MyPlayer getting crossed by a female MyPlayer. It would be hilarious!

8) Basic stuff like helping your teammates off the floor when they're fouled or getting into a scuffles with other teams about a hard foul.

9) ESPN. Can we bring in the ESPN top 10 plays after a game or when you go home, you can sit down and watch your highlights on there or hear ESPN talking about you or your team. There currently isn't really anything at halftime on 2k20.

10) Create MyPlayer moments. By that, I mean you can simulate a game but it allows you to jump in at critical moments. Sorta like Madden 20. But with 2K, you can jump in to stop a scoring run, final 2 minutes of course, game is getting out of hand, your player is about to eclipse a 30 points or 40 points....

11) Lastly, voice controls. I'd love for the announcers to actually use my last name instead of a nickname. Honestly not that important though. But would be cool.


It's along wishlist but ultimately I would spent at least 8+ hours a day on 2K. Now I'll only play a MyCareer game or 2 then I'm playing something else. 2K is very basic at this point.


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