Fix your badge system

Guards run much faster with downhill on and 6'9 PF's 220lbs or less with downhill on gold barely does anything and that badge is for bigs not guards. Dimer floor general and needle threader need to all be one badge or break the three into two diff badges. Bring back having to level your badge up you must do the badges. Example, upgrading catch and shoot can only happen if you have 70+ shooting and catch and shoot the ball in order to get better at it. Defense is broken when it comes to stats vs badges. In all categories really but defense specifically. If you are 6'6 under and a big is coming t at you with driving dunk and standing minimum 85+ dunk then it should also be a dunk. Guards out here stopping bigs is just plan disrespectful to bigs IRL. Stop handing out new cheese dribbles and builds for the guards and start actually making a balanced game where if you interior d is under an 82 then you should be getting scored on in the paint more often than not due to low interior. I don't care if you have HOF RIM. You still need stats to back up the badges which this game does not follow.


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