have every team that.. has bin in the finals, in the current year that they attended the finals..

having a NEW -game mode- that says - FINALS-


and idk who's reading this but it would be like this.


i wanted to do like...

05-06 Miami heat vs Dallas mavericks (or)

06-07 cav's VS spurs


04 detroit vs L.A lackers (04 lakers would be fun!!)


i dont think there would be time to create every season going through in a season mode, so to cut straight to the finals would make most sense. But i would still like to unlock those teams as i played through it. and not to just get them, but to unlock them! cuz just having them givin to me would take time away from the game. plus, its hard to top 2k12 so if u dont have something special than people are just going to hold on to 2k12 and not get 2k13


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