Creating an Association Team not just any old team

Creating a team can be good for most players, but in making a team you want to make it feel original not just any random team with a choice of 25 logos. You should be able to have team names on logos and on jerseys and a wider variety of jerseys (not just 12) and shorts to go with the jerseys should also be able to be customised. as well as this you should be able to customise your stadium and coach or pick an NBA coach instead if the random guy you give a name too who sucks at coaching. Also customise a celebrity to watch your games (maybe) or pick one. Choose area of team and have more of a madden feel to creating a team (very in depth) after making a team it should feel like your own if it is done in this amount of depth. Of course for casual players you could just have basic options for making a team as well, (pre made stadiums, jerseys ect)


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