Create Teams For Play Now

Bring create-a-team to next gen consoles. If PS3 and Xbox 360 have it, why can't they put this option in PS4 and Xbox One? I want to be able to create a team, place the players that I want on that team, (examples: a Nike/adidas/Jordan Brand team full of those players who signed with there specific companies, create players and place them on the created teams, all-college team, etc.) and compete with friends in play now mode. I enjoyed this feature on PS3 and 360, before the next gen consoles came out, but since they came out, they have seem to either forget to put this feature in the game or choose not to. I understand 2k14 cause it came out mid season, but they had all this time to put it in 2k15, 2k16, and 2k17 and didn't. I believe you have this feature in the next gen consoles, more people would enjoy the game more in my opinion.


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