Commentary Momma there goes that man.

Update the commentary can we please have better commentary .EX. KD/ Kevin Durant pulls up for 3. Bang! Man down , Momma there goes that man.. Curry hits Durant with perfect pass.. Durant is just unguardable tonight! He has really put the team on his back! More fluid commentary. James pushes the ball, James to kyrie, kyrie to love ,love hits James .. In the corner James pulls up from 3.. BAM! ..(This should be in game commentary) When its late in games commentary should get more intense. Now how about sprewells Knicks, Reggie millers pacers, Chris webbers kings, Tracy mcgradys Orlando magic team. And all the old Kobe Lakers teams with Paul gasol. Charles barklys suns. MJ's wizards.. And ways to get dimond and ruby cards in my team without having to buy MT points because not all kids can afford to buy and spend all this cash on packs.. And the cards can you please lower the MT prices for the cards. I mean my God.. And when playing in game .. Can the players who is scoring and doing the most . Be the player who gets to be spoken with at half time..


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