Commentary needs to up it's game period this year nda2k.. We need more excitement. When a player hits a shot. Momma there goes that man... Or what about MAN Down. Curry has just been on first tonight or unstoppable. Or maybe popovich might need to go to his bench guys ... Parker has been setting for awhile the spurs need him back in the .. I mean things like that we notice. . The crowd needs to chant defence.. And what about skip bayless or Shannon Sharp or Steven a smith.. And at halftime it could be multiple choice In the locker room of who is going to hype the team. And depending on who you pick it helps you game or won't. And how about a hype button to get the crown chanting like they do I n Madden they put their hands up curry is know for it.. And types the crowd. Can we just pick commentary. Like if we want SHAQ or Reggie Miller or Steven a Smith.


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