Card packs' prices and moving over.

I think the card packs in my team should not be so high. I also believe that the cards themselves should not be 400,000 and 100,000 in the auctions. The price should be controlled and lowered, because one kids who are not as wealthy in real life can't afford to play the game and be competitive. NBA 2k19 needs to be more kid and underclass friendly .. some parents can't afford to buy vc.and building you my team player. Is way way way to hard of a grind. In 2k18 my man is only 98 right now and the game comes out In 2 months. Really they hardly give anything for working out in the gym. The bar goes up 2% for running 3 sprints come now. Thanks and all the card packs and diamond players and so on that we did earn. Should be allowed to switch over to the new 2k19. Because we lose it all..


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