Buzzer Beaters

This Has Been somethin in question by many 2k fans for years.


Buzzer Beating Shots should have a much more realistic reaction from the Announcers & Crowd.

most of the time a shot is made at the buzzer, the commentators reaction is so late that its just lame. it takes away from the excitement. The crowd doesnt have a big enough reaction either. They should all rise to their feet hands up jumping up and down like in real life. Watch any youtube video of a big game winning shot and how the commentators+crowd reacts for example


Kevin Durants Game winner against the Mavs Dec 29, 2011


Mo Williams Buzzer Beater against the spurs 2013


The Crowd literally goes wild and you can feel the energy. Players and people run onto the court players jump around dogpile etc. and the commentators are also go wild, and then shortly after theres a slow motion replay of the game winning shot with the commentators talking about it.


Also when you hit buzzer beaters as the visiting team it should show dissapointment throughout the arena. Similar to when Deref fisher hit the 0.4 shot in san antonio years ago.



THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT IMPROVING THE CROWD REACTION FOR BUZZER BEATERS IS THAT THEY REACT ON TIME REALISTICALLY. the major problem now is the crowd reacts with a delay that is not realistic. and almost like they dont care. they should play victory music too.


go to the video at this link for an example of what it should look like

YouTube Video or Link


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