Association 8.0 or Head coach/GM mode or MyCareer

i skipped the other numbers because this will make the association realistic,

1. when its time for the Olympic games let players be on the international teams and even make some artificial players for vacancies in international teams and add stats for them and all players who participated in their regular seasons, all stars, and Olympics but in different panels for each

2. oversea trading should be made which is when you are allowed to look at oversea players' player card and have a chance to sign him but make it really realistic for example there are many 7 foot players coming out of china you can make a player that resembles Yao Ming or Sun MingMing the 7foot 9 Beijing Ducks center

3. in the draft class i wish to see a high school player and i want that to be made for the draft classes but you don't have to make it from a certain high school just make them about 17 or 18 and put comes from HS and after their career since they have had no college experience you can choose some of them as your coaches after their retirement plus also for non created draft classes give prospects stats for how they do in college or HS and update them monthly for example (Jason Jeffrey decides to play while injured) and u can use these to decrease a player's chance of getting drafted or even their rating for example (Dallas Johnson's huge injuries causes concern for future playing) and all of this can be used for a which their should be a panel for so u can flip from to and even a for all stats non american

4. I love the hall of fame but i wish their was one for coaches because i would love to see the coach that leads my team in the Naismith hall of fame


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