Ability to Evolve out of Archetypes

I want the ability to start out as a slasher, or any other archetype or a combination of two or three, and then be able to unlock attributes above the caps as my player progresses later in their career. The natural development of a player is a slasher and then developing other archetypes like for guards and small forwards, shot creator, sharpshooter, playmaker/point forward, and lockdown defender; for small forwards, post scorer and glass cleaner, and for big men, they can come in as an athletic finisher and develop other traits like post scorer, stretch big, glass cleaner, rim protector, or lockdown defender.


I also have an idea for speed: 89 max for small forwards, 82 max for power forwards, 78 max for centers. 1 & 2 guards can have max speed 95 and over. That speed is already developed and very few upgrades are needed.


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