2K15 Suggestions(Long Read)

NBA 2K14 lacks some core gameplay to be the potential best 2K , honestly they should of kept the gameplay from 2K11 but here are my ideas for 2K15


Gameplay -

1. Fix on ball defense : Everytime i try to lock on my man, they seem to run pass me each and everytime. The ball would either go through my player or somehow my man slips pass me like i'm on skates.


2. Fix Blocking dunks : It just seems like its way to easy to get your dunks blocked especially by computers, it's frustrating driving and you get your dunk block from behind


3. Fix team A.I. : They are weak! They literally leave a man open on the 3 98% of the time or just leave a man open and play no D. I lost a game because a computer left a person open for the last shot.


4. Change control layout : Its frustrating driving to the basket, but your shoots instead because your holding the right stick, honestly 2K11 layout was smooth


5. Realistic stats: What i mean by this is computers like lets say Al Harrington would be 5/5 from 3 in MyCareer. Since when do you see Harrington doing that with defenders in his face? Computers will make every 3 like they are Ray Allen i swear.


Online Gameplay: Fix the button smashers that press the steal button consistently, punish them make them foul out. Make the person with the highest assist in The Park run the point, tired of seeing ball hoggers every court cause they dont pass.


Fouling: Needs to be fix asap


Realistic Injuries: I know they are real enough, but sometimes i see one of my teammates just go to the bench and sit down, I want to see them exit the Arena if its a bad injury.




1. Create a face: Bring that back honestly


2. Create Tattoos: Make us where we can design our own tattoos


3. More Hairstyles: The Hairstyles are trash, the braids look like nappy worms not even fresh, the Flattop not even a flattop. 2K need to look at the some barbershop photos , make where we can add parts in every hair


4. New Voice: Tired of hearing the same dude, make it where we can customize our voice like Def Jam take notes


5. More Clothes


6. Better Story: Since they want to add a story, make it where your Rival is actually a rival and actually competes with you. Make it where everybody has a voice the players and the coaches. More drama going on like teammate issues, coach issues, press issues etc. i want to see more arguments if your player doesn't like the team, certain player or coach.


7. In-Game Interviews : If im Jordan Player of the game, i deserved to be interviewed after the game, not a person who didn't even contribute to the game. Have stuff going on in the background if you have good team chemistry with your team i want to see some of my teammates goof around if we win the game.


8. Add a player chemistry system: If your MyPlayer really likes a player on their team like Lebron to Dwade, there should be more cutscenes with them hanging out, practicing, talking game plans, interviews with both players etc.


9. Social Media/Media: Now if i score 100 points, i should be seeing on my twitter people being surprised, congratulating me, the media should be having topics about comparing me to legends and etc.


10. Real-Time Commentating: Boy ol boy this is big one. I love hearing the commentators it makes me get in the game even more but yo, these commentators would be talking on a whole another planet i swear. I dunked on LeBron all i get was "Wow He Hammered it" but really i'm expecting "HE DUNKED ON LEBRON omg! ujqZBND" lol. But seriously if i drop 5 3 pointers in 5 minutes im expecting to hear a lot going on.


11. More Cutscenes : Going into the Arena like i remember in 2K11 i think where it showed my guy getting off the bus to the game?(Correct me if im wrong). What ever happened to that? I want to see my guy giving autographs to fans, leaving the court when its half time, i want to see the coach actually talking about the game when we head back to the locker room


12. More Endorsements: Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Underarmour, Gatorade, 2K, Commericials, Powerade, Champs etc.


13. Practice Court: I dont understand why this got removed, but practice court with a Teammate, or by yourself.


14. Technical fouls/Ejections: Can i see MyPlayer get a technical foul without an story element added to it? Like i wanna see MyPlayer butt heads with my rival or anyone talking smack, pushing them, about to fight and have my teammates break it up.


15. Remove Rookie showcase and Bring back the summer league stuff: Why did this get removed?


16. D-League: I remember in 2K11 you could of went to D-League if you were terrible, why remove it?


17. EuroLeague: You should be able to go overseas to play bball honestly


18. Olympics: This would be the best add-on in a basketball game, make it where your player can be eligible to participate for whatever country you selected to play on that euro team. Like if from US you should play for USA, France you player for the French and etc.




MyCrew: You should be able to customize your jersey, the arena, and the mascot also adding cutscenes showing players getting ready for the game. Adding real team rosters like in 2K11. Having online crew leagues with MyPlayers like association type leagues. actually have 12 vs 12 games and to make this work is too Enable auto-subs, or Team Captain can make the rotations for each player. If a player is doing coach or Team Captain can allow the person to play longer.


Online Association: Bring back the original


Online All-Star Mode: Online Dunk contest, 3 Pt, All-Star game


The Park: Add more courts nobody trying to wait 10-30 minutes for a game to end especially in a 100 player lobby


Music: Add better music Blurred Lines is not a basketball warm up song.


Create A Team: Bring that back where you can create multiple myplayers and put them on a team


This all i got for right, sorry for a long read its just proves 2K need a fix a lot of things if they really want a good basketball game.


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