15 things to improve NBA 2k14

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1. The ability to be able to block dunks


2. Choose what voice you want instead of every my player having the same voice.


3. no 2 year contract


4.we shouldn't have to spend money on gear.


5. More hairstyles and tattoos.


6. we should be able to create a fan, and signs that the crowd should hold up and make our own merchandise such as posters, mugs, book bags etc.


7. better fans overall (i don't know if i'm the only one who noticed this but if you look at some of the fans they have like triangle heads they look like they belong on the kid show cyberchase)


8. The ability to make a rival player like if I generally dislike Lebron I should be able to make him my rival so when I go against him my game will be boosted more.


9. let us actually walk around as our myplayer and explore the city we are currently in for example if we are away we should be able to go out and party or something


10. More celebs in crowds that was a really good idea last year but they need to expand.


11. At all star weekend we should be able to connect with our fans like they tell us what dunks they want to see at the contest or we should be able to invite a fan to the game or something.


12. Fights! now this one is going to be hard but lets go back to the rival idea and like whenever you go against your rival if you foul him to hard or he fouls you you can react to it by getting in his face or something


13. skipable halftime shows or minigames for example the cheerleaders actually cheering or a fan does a halfcourt shot or the kiss cam or something like that.


14. more ways to upgrade your self meaning we can actually workout to make our strength get higher or endurance or speed instead of doing a drill and hoping for the best.


15. Actually teammate interactions like when we spend Vc to do a team activity we can actually do it like bowling or the dinner and also the charity events we can at least see them or something.


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