15 My Player Emhancements

>Allow you to control your actions on the court such as Arguing calls, talking smack to your opponent, praising your teamate, and so forth (On X-Box Controler)



UP: Argue previous call

this could help get calls later in the game but pressing it to much could get you a technical

LEFT: Interact with the crowd

Encourage the crowd at home (such as doing the arm waves to tell them to get louder) or to mock the crowd on the road such as bowing to them after a dunk

*When you do this at home games it can increase your local fan base if done at the right times (not in a 30pt blowout).

RIGHT: Talk Smack to opposing player.

Depending on the player, he could either get fired up and play well or get his head taken out of game and play poorly.

*If you overuse this it could cause small skirmishes which could build up to bigger ones that could result in suspension. And a downgrading in chemistry, popularity, and other meters.

DOWN: Praise teamate.

Things that could happen when this is pressed could be your player pointing (as NBA guys do all the time) to the teamate that just gave you a great pass for a shot, a high five to a teamate going back on defense for hitting a shot, or chest bumping someone while going off the court for a timeout.

UP (Twice): Get on your teamate for a mistake.

At the right times it could improve team chemistry as you are being a leader, but if overused you can lose respect for ragging on your teamates to much.


>Add a Swag meter, which can be affected by acting with the reactoins above at the right times and by what you say after the game.


>Make a camera angle from your players eyesite so it looks like you actually are your player


>With that angle show your player lacing up your shoes and putting on his warmup, then have a silent locker room with your coach ending his speech, have the team run out on to the court kind of like the beginning of NBA 2K11. Then you can shootaround for up to 15 minutes before lineup introdroductions and opening tip. All of this from your players view


>Meetings with the coach and GM to discuss anything from playing time to a position change to trade demands. If you are your teams top player you could suggest other players to the front office.


>Through in a "My Crib" like 2K5 but throw in like 10 or 20 different layouts. As you get more money, the nicer cribs you can get, starting with appartment going all the way up to a mansion. Add a "My Garage" where you can by cars and in the pregame intro it will show you getting out of it.


>Fix some in game things like the speed problem on fastbreaks while dribbling. Also have more cutters and offball movement while your player holds the ball instead of everyone standing around.


>Add Voice Customization


>Add more questions to the press interviews with a wider range of topics


>Add a Hype meter only based on in-game performance instead of press conferences.


>Have certain endorsment deals carry money with them such as doing commercials. The more Hype the more edorsments. Allow you to sign with Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Reebok, or Converse brands to endorse them and to release your shoe with.


>Allow you to fully customize your shoe line by allowing you to edit the design lines and where theyre placed. Allow you to come out with a new design each year.


>Have post-game interviews around your locker during regular season games and bring back the press room during playoff games.


>Allow you to play the NCAA tournament as a seed and team of your choice, and based on how well you play against a certain difficulty level, have that determine your overall and part of your draft stock. Also have some good college players you may face come into the NBA in later years as "auto-generated rookies". Have the rest of the draft stock be the combine and how well you work out for teams interested in you

*This could be a lot like a demo for 2K's college basketball series, just have it as the same controls for the NBA game


>Enhance the draft experience by having you sit in the draft room with your family if your in the lottery and watch the draft and the players come up in person, or have you sit on the couch with them watching on TV waiting for a phone call in certain cases or your name to be called. If in the lottery, after going onto the stage get interviewed by the same guy who interviews real draftees.

*Have your draft stock be less predictable, where if near the top its almost always accurate, but if your in the second round it could be off by 10 picks or so.


*Also have more draft day trades where your players rights can be traded once or twice


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