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MP & Crew MMO / World

The ultimate bball online multiplayer mode combining online multiplayer with league seasons and visual environments / explorable worlds. Probably a Xbox720 wish. ------------------------------------------------------------------- MY PLAYER AND CREW WORLD MP / Player Customization: •Start by Creating your My Player •Body -Face Mapping -Player Voice -Etc. •Gear -Design and Customize MP jersey, use custom or Nba logos, ...more »

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My Player Co-op Games

Please KEEP THIS AS IT'S OWN IDEA, don't just make it a comment. This would be a great feature to add to my player.. Say I'm on the Magic and I'm going to play the Thunder in my next game. I can have the option to just play regularly, or I can select to "play this game online." When I go to play this online, I'm paired with 1 to 4 other players also on the Magic in my player, and maybe even 5 on the Thunder based on ...more »

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