Los Spurs '05 Squad~~Trio Tribute Team

It would be too real if 2k gave a tribute to The Big 3 with the 2004-2005 Spurs! this was the year Duncan won MVP in the regular season AND the finals (although I think it should have gone to Manu) & this was the year that Ginobili became a GOD!

the summer before he won a gold medal that summer vs the F'n USA squad THEN went on to lead the Spurs to a championship with Duncan and a young TP! He was arguably the best player on the planet that year.. AND that year Manu became an All Star and shit it was only his 3nd year in the league!

with Timmy retiring last year, Parker with a possible career ending injury vs The Rockets, and Manu most likely retiring I think it would be dope to give the Spurs a proper shout out! teach the younger generation a little history lesson on how the game was played 15 years ago.. and there's no better way to show case that than making a 2k throwback team for the greatest Trio of all time! The 2004-2005 LOS SPURS! Led by The fiery French torpedo, Tony Parker. The Greatest International Jedi of all time, Obi Wan Ginobili. AND The Best Power Forward to ever play the game, Mr. Fundamental, Timmy D!!!

Shakespeare's Sonnet 14 says,

"And, constant stars, in them I read such art

As truth and beauty shall together thrive,

Thy end is truth's and beauty's doom and date."

Shakespeare would be like "yo Don't kill the stars 2k, give the Trio's "truth and beauty" a proper tribute cause you know..if you watch the way the Trio played in their prime? Dats Art



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