MP & Crew MMO / World

The ultimate bball online multiplayer mode combining online multiplayer with league seasons and visual environments / explorable worlds. Probably a Xbox720 wish.








MP / Player Customization:

•Start by Creating your My Player


-Face Mapping

-Player Voice



-Design and Customize MP jersey, use custom or Nba logos, and also sponsor patches like Sprite or Gatorade.

-Choose from street gear like beanies, sweat pants, headgear, shorts, goggles, etc.

-Create a Shoe

-Smart Phone

-Contacts (aka Friends List)

-Text Messaging (aka Messenging and Game Invites)

-Music - 2K soundtrack and music from hard drive

-Video (aka HP Media 'Brag Clips')


MP Environment / "My Hood" Customization:


•Real Time Clock

•Terrain / Landscape






•Architecture Style






-My Crib

-Local Basketball Court (Can invite friends to play pickup, 21, or horse)

-Local Practice Gym (Can use for drills)

-Vehicles: Motorcycle, Cars, Private Jet, etc. (Can use for transporting through MP Environments).

-Shops: Foot Locker, NBA Store, Tattoo Parlor, SuperCuts


Crew Environment / Customization:

•Start by Creating or Joining a Crew

•Crew creator can design and customize Crew Environments just like MP Environments

•When you join a crew, your MP hood automatically becomes neighbors to the Crew environment and your teammates MP hood.

•More fully customizable environment features for Crew including:

-Crew Arena

-Jumbotron (plus video intro of Crew highlights)

-Championship Banners (see 2K Ultimate League)

-Custom Arena music


-Crew Practice Gym

-All Crew members can meet here to practice plays, scrimmage, or do joint drills

-Crew Local Court

-Shootaround or play 21 or horse with your teammates

-Invite other Crews for pickup game

-Crew Office / Locker Room

-Crew HOF plaque for members (minimum 50 games played w/Crew)

-Crew Awards, Accolades, Trophies, etc

-HP Media Room that has Crew highlights


Play / Explore / Spectate Format:

•Spectator Mode available for any game via Explore Mode or from the game menus

•First Person Mode option

•Pickup Games

-The courts would be lobbies with maximum capacity of 40 players or something

-The courts would be a variety of famous courts like Rucker Park, Venice Beach, etc.

-Game Menus would be an option to find a game fast

-Explore Mode would be an option to explore the court environment

-Spectate ongoing, real-time games as you walk around

-Meet up with other players:

-See if they wanna run next

-See if they wanna play 1vs1

-Invite them to your Crew

-Drive around with your XBL Party or Crew with your MP vechicles

-An option to "ready up" even as you are exploring so that you can search for the next available game for any court / environment.

-Check out Shops

-Nba Store (Buy custom gear designed by community, etc)

-Verizon (Buy new smart phone)


•Street Tournaments

-You can play in Red Bull sponsored street tournaments from 1on1 to 3on3

-Winner would receive skill points, unlock rewards, etc.

•2K Ultimate League


-Crew only

-Separated into divisions

-"Seasons" would last 1 month, season record would reset at the beginning of every month. All time record would stay put.

-Towards the end of the season there'd be playoffs and championship

-If you win the championship, players would get rings that your MP could wear

-Winning a ring on a higher division gets higher rewards

-Complete All Star Weekend for each division, CPU picks the best players in Crew

-End of Seasons Awards: MVP, all-nba, all-defense, most active crew, best sportsmanship crew, etc

-Matchmaking influenced by division level / record / experience

-Dynamic crew attendance. Top crews would have crazy loud fans while struggling crews would have poor attendance.

-Crews could charge $1 (via MP "My Purchases" account) for others to Spectate their game.

-Crew GM's could trade Crew players (it would work the same as if they wanted to kick out a player), but this would give both Crew GM and the players an option of agreeing to a trade instead. There'd be a trade deadline too.

-Shootaround option before games, inside the Crew Arena to warmup, simultaneously with a menu window to "ready up" and find a game.

-Jersey selection before games

-Some of the features and format of Association mode could also be included, like Headlines,

-Highlight Show for 2K Ultimate League and each Crew

-Stats, Leaderboard, and Other Features

-Each Crew would have all detailed stats and accolades displayed, including number of league championships they won, career record, activity level, win streaks, member loyalty, etc.

-All stats and accolades by MP (i.e. "MVP of 2K U/L Division 2 Season 2") or Crew would be visible by leaderboard, and Explore Mode as well w/avatars.

-MP Free Agents would be listed also, by stats, ratings, attributes, activity level, reputation, etc.

-You could explore a Crew or MP's Environment by clicking on their name in the leaderboard.

•Economy / Currency

-My Purchases from MP can be used for skill points, moves, upgrading MP gear or amenities, $1 to spectate a game, etc.

-Crews and its members could make money based on dynamic attendance and winning the championship. Earnings could be spent on upgrading Crew gear and Crew Environment.

•Deal with Hackers and Cheaters

-Dealing with MP hackers would be a must for this mode because the whole system would be dependent on the players and crews being legit.














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