My crew 2.0

What: A hybrid between MyCareer, MyTeam, and MyCrew.

Who:You and friends if you want (online or split screen)

Description: You form a team with your friends and elect a captain out of ur group. You can play any postion on the team and choose whetherThis captain will come up with the team name, uniform, players, and court. Different human players can be added and subtracted.


You start out with 8 players. You elect one star, four starters, one 6 man, and two Role players. For my first team, we will use this as an example.(In Rap mood)

Name: The Truth


PG:Kanye West, Pass First, Starter




C:Lil' Wayne,Athletic,Starter

SF:50 Cent,3 Pt Specialist,6 Man

PF:Ice Cube,Back to Basket, Role

PG: Snoop Dog,Scoring,Role

So as of right now Eminem would be my star, and I am just starting out, so he would have 3 sig skills, an overall of 74-80 (depending on size), and would be who my team is identified with.

Coach wud have attribute bonuses. 3 at first. Lets say Vertical +4, O Rebound + 4, and Pass +4.

For Sig Skills lets say he has ankle breaker, shot creater, and acrobat. (No

matter the play type, allowed to pick any skills)

Now for my starters and 6 man, they would be rated 68-74, and would each have 2 sig skills. For Lil' Wayne, for example, would have brick wall and finisher.

Now for my Role Players, they would be rated 62-68, and would have 1 sig skill. Snoop Dog could have microwave.

Any time a game is played, you would earn skill points, swag points, and sig points.

Skill: Spent on attributes.

Swag: Spent on tream uniforms, blacktop outfits, and court.

Sig: Spent on sig skills.

They are allocated to the same bank, so any player can recieve any of the skill points, swag, or sig points. Only the Team Captain can allocate the points.

With 8 players, you wud be a beginner level team, only allowed to partcipate in tournaments and play games against 8 man teams. these wud not garner as much cash. As u gain swag points, u can buy players. these are basically create a players so u can name them wateva u want and change their play styles and stuff, but there are different levels of players. So u can buy 4 bench warmer level players really cheap and get to the next level fast but ur team will b very ineffective. U could save up and get a bunch of star level players but it wud take a while. U can even make them a coach or other staff member.

The team levels go as follows

beginner-8 1 HC

intermediete-12 1 HC 1 Assistant

pro-16 1 HC 1 assistant 1 staff unit

u can also hav multiple teams. So if I buy an entire 16 man team, I can start work on a new team. Each time must meet each of the requirements above and players can not play on multiple teams (tho they can be moved.)

Also, even tho I may be getting a little complicated here, u can loan teams. so say ive built my 2nd team (lets call them the Knights) I can loan this team to the online cpu and it will use it to play against teams tht wud rather play the cpu. Depending on how they do, u wud get credits. u can take them back any time u want.

This wud be quite the expansion, but i think it wud b worth 5-15 bucks rite. Pls tell me wat u thnk. (And no getting angry at me at choice of team)



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