Creat your Player, Play a Street game if you win you continue on, if you lose you go to the D-League right away. after the street game you continue on one-on-one games with all the other 4 players from your winning team one game first to 21 win all 4 and you move on lose and you go to the D-Leauge. after the one-on-one games you play in the Elite game like on NBA 2K12 win and you continue on loss and to the D-League you go. basically win move on loss go to the D-League after you win the Elite game you play in 5 games with 4 different teams win all five and you are enterd in the NBA DRAFT 2012. after draft go threw training camp 3 games you must win all 3 to stay on the team. after this your NBA SEASON STARTS.



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