I'll Be The First To Say NBA2K12 Is Unrealistic In Alot Of Ways & After A While The Excitement Goes Away ..... So These Are My CRAZY Ideas That Are Will For Sure Make My Player Better !!


1. ALLEY-OOP Dunk Packages


I'm Sick Of My 6'4 PG Doing That Ugly A** Layup When He Catches The Alley- Oop , When Russell Westbrook Catches That Alley He DESTROYS That Rim With Anger ! , When Blake Griffin Catches That Alley, He Throws It Down Crazy , & When LeBron Catches That Alley He Throws It Down Hard ! .... : Everybody Catches And Dunks Alley-Oops Differently Such As D. Rose, Lebron, Blake Griffin, Russell WestBrooke, Dwight Howard, Dwayne Wade, ETC ...... That Would Be Crazy !!


2. Make The Dunks Look, Sound, And Feel More Realistic


Players Tend To Float In The Air For 10 Seconds & Look Like They Are In Slow Motion For Some Reason .... FIX THAT !! , & The Sound Of The Dunks Should Have That Sound Of Somebody Throwing It Down Hard Until The Rim .... Maybe Even Add A Little Vibration To The Controller When A Player Does A Hard Dunk ... That Would Be Crazy !!


3. Creating Your Own Escape Dribble, Pull Up's, Step Backs, Etc .....


I Love The New Dribbling System Where U Can String Together Whatever Moves U Want , But There Is Not Enough Escape Dribble, Pull Up, Etc Choices ... When I Play People, They Can Block Shots Easily Because They Know The Moves I Have Because There Isnt Many To Have Your Player Do


4. Blowing Past Defenders


I Can't Stress Over How Many Times I Make A Good Move & I Am 2 - 3 Steps Ahead Of My Defender , But The CPU Magically Slides The Defender Over In Front Of Me .... Its One Of The Most Annoying Things In The Game ...


5. Killer Cross Overs


When I Make A Good Move & My Defender Gets Killed, The Defender Should Make A Animation Look As If He's Trying To Get Back On Defense Instead Of Staying In The Defending Position 3 Ft Away From Me ... Just Something To Help The Defense Out A Little With The Animation , But Giving More Satisfaction To The Offensive Player To Blow By Him After The Good Move ... Defenders Would Be Able To Get Back In Defensive Stance If The Ball Handler Doesnt Go Anywhere , Because There Are Many Players That Love To Just Sit In One Spot Ans Dribble


6. Make The Crowd More Realistic


If I Make A Huge Dunk, Huge 3, Crazy Crossover, Big Steal, Big Block, Game Winning Shot , Make The Crowd Say Ohhhhhhhh or Cheer Crazy !!


7. Announcers Acknowledging Me


When I Start Off In The League And Am Playing Well The Announcers Should Say Things Like " This Kid Is Going To Be Special " Or Something .... And Dont Base The Announcements Based On My Attributes, Because Its Always When I Start Off , The Announcers Say " The Mid Range is Not My Shot " Because My Ratings Are Low ... But Im Shooting 80% From Mid Range , Then When I Suddenly Boost My Mid Range Attributes , Then The Announcers Say " Ohhhh Yea Thats His Shot " .... Its Stupid , They Should Base It On Percentage & Good Looks Over A Period Of Time ... Announcers Should Say My Name When Im Leading Scoring Or Assists Or Having A Great Game ...


8. Passing


I Should Be Able To Choose What Type Of Passes I Want To Do , Such As Bounce Pass, Lob, Bullet, Or Fancy ...... Cause Its Been Plenty Of Timea I Have Turnovers Because My Player Didnt Pass The Ball How I Wanted Him To


9. Emotions


There Should Be A Button The Push When U Want To Express Something , Like Celebrating After A Dunk , High Fiving Your Teammates, Getting Angry At Refs , And Other Acts Your Player Can Do


10. More Layup Packages


Nobody Does Lay Ups Like Rondo How He Jump Off The Wrong Foot To Throw Off Shot Blockers Timing , Derrick Roses Crazy Air Bourne Shot Changes & Up And Unders , Everybody Has Their Own Look And Feeling And Style To Thier Lay Ups .. ADD ThAt !!


11. Driving Moves


Dwayne Wades Euro Step , Rondo's Fake Behind The Back Lay Up, Etc.....


12. Speed


Everybody Knows About The Terrible Speed Scale , No Way Andrew Bynum Is Running As Fast As My 99 Speed Player ... FIX THAT !!




These Are A Few Of My Ideas , I Can Go On ALLDAY About New Things I Want In NBA2K13 .... But Leave Feedback, Let Me Know What Think ....!!



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