GM/Manager mode


I believe in Association it must be a change.In 2k 12 you choose a team from the start and you can go to any team anytime you want.THIS IS NOT REAL.Also you do not have a ROLE in the team.I believe that you must have an IMPORTANT ROLE in the team so that YOU can lead your team to the championship. So i believe that you must be the GM and the HEAD COACH of a team.Those are the things that you can do if you have this role.


1) My GM/Head coach creation like my player.


2)First, you can sign a contract with your favorite team and lead your team to the NBA TITLE.

Also when your contract expires or fire you ,you can go to another team and negotiate for every dollar.


3)As the GM you can make trades,sign free agents,control the price of the tickets.


4)Also ,you can increase the capacity of the stadium.You can talk with the players if they are sad about their role in the team.


5)You can earn the executive year award.Also you can convince free agents to sign to your team and talk to them.


6)You can make the drills for the players in the draft and decide which player the team should choose.


7)As a manager ,you can select if you are an offensive or defensive coach.

Also you can be a coach of a national team and play in the biggest national tournaments such as Olympic games every 2 or 4 years and drive your national team to the top.


8)You can earn the coach of the year award in NBA .

Also you can be selected to the All Star as a coach of the East or West and you may choose to the Hall of Fame at the end of your career.


10)You can make the rotation and create your own plays.


11)You can give interviews at the end of the game. like my player.



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