Crew mode with ultimate team characteristics

We all know that 2k took of the loved game mode of crew off 2k12. Crew mode was a very fun online game mode that allowed you to play with friends against other people and their friends. When we look at it, crew mode was a very fun game mode, but it had a lot of flaws. One thing that i think would make crew amazing is making it kind of an ultimate team style. So when you start off your team you dont just get the miami heat and ur 99 overall my player. u start off with a group of low rated players. As you win games, you get skill points, and you can you use the skill points to get better jerseys, players, stadiums, etc. Something else that people loved about crew mode was your ability to use your my player. But wat 2k should do is make your my player be made online and played with online so the player's ratings are kept through the online servers and the servers cant be hacked. This would prevent hackers from getting a 99 overall player easily. I think these changes to crew mode would put nba 2k13 over the top.



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