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Team Chemistry..Please Hear me Out on this

Forget team chemistry, have a chemistry chart that shows the chemistry between you and your teammates ..for ex. I'm PG at the Heats and D.Wade and I are killing it so the chemistry between us go up high like 87% but if I'm not passing say Chris Bosh the ball enough and he upset then the chemistry between C.Bosh and I would be down a little like 65% its basically chemistry with you and individual players. That's where relationships come in and we can have a really good friend/player and if the chemistry between you and a star is low than it shows where his respect lvl is and you can get them to respect down the road of your career..and for example if Lebron just like winning and the team winning games then the chemistry between Lebron and I still goes up even tho he doesn't get the ball a lot but if say if D.Wade wants the ball a lot and I'm not giving it to him even tho we winning games the chemistry between us two can drop because he wants the ball.. and the cool thing is everybody is different and it'll take time to figure your teammates out and how to get along...and if players chemistry is extremely low then it gives us a good guess he'll demand a trade soon but if the chemistry is pretty high then that player doesn't plan on leaving the team ever ....and just to make it much clearer its chemistry between you and a individual player so for example if anybody knows the Lakers when they had Jordan Farmar, the chemistry between him and Kobe Vs the chemistry between Pau Gasol and Kobe were different, Kobe trusted Gasol more and everybody knew Farmar didn't really like Kobe because he demanded the ball alot so even tho they were champs and got rings Farmar left and Gasol has no intention of leaving because he likes where he is at.. Thank you for reading this hope I made it clear and understandable


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    when i say chemistry im not talking about science.......sorry. anyway i was thinking in my player there should be an individual chemistry rating for every player on your my players team team. like if i have a 100% chemistry rating with Lebron James, even if hes cold he'll still be able to hit a lot of the shots i give him and catch my ally-oops, and it could go both ways. and it would be cool if you could gain chemistry with players by passing the the ball more or if 2k made a way to compliment your teammates after a good dunk or play. this would be a cool add on 2k!

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      Michknowsbest ( Idea Submitter )

      That's like my idea lol but yea man they need to do this chemistry thing seriously

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    I really wish that in the next game, 2ksports could improve the moods of each player and create relations between them.. I mean, it would be fantastic if two players could stir up during a game and force one by ones (for example kirie irving and brandon knight in the All Star Game) and create a competitiveness for a couple of months or for a lifelong (think about kobe and MJ or durant and lebron).

    Another example could be the Lakers team.. If you pick the team in the 2k13 game you wont notice the charged atmosphere there today and you will easily win Miami for example.. (I think that the team chemistry is insufficient)

    I am convinced that this is the most attractive improvement that 2ksports could make. Imagine also that Gasol's brothers could play together.. there WILL BE OBVIOUSLY a special union inside the court between them and nba 2k13 dont consider that option..

    Protest to the referee will also be nice, but it is secondary.

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    In assosiation, my career, and legend players should have more chemistry with other players. (Like how in real life LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and James Jones went to the Miami hurricane game). And some players should have problems with other players. (Like Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard). And if players have bad morale they should come talk to the GM, like in my career.

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    It will be good if there would be relationship with hour teameates and couch so if you play in boston and have good relationship with rondo he will give you more passes make you clear for a shot etc

    If you have good relationship with coach he will give you more playing time higher salary etc

    Hope you pike it)))

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